Jason Grant

Jason Grant

In my mid teens I was a member of a Stage Coach Drama School where I learnt the performance skills required to act, sing and dance (Modern Jazz). I started dancing Salsa in September 2000 at various Salsa clubs in my local area. At beginners and improvers level I leant the Cuban style of Salsa. At intermediate level I was taught the cross body style by Susana Montero who was the resident guess teacher at the time. After a while I felt that one lesson a week was not enough, that was when I got the ‘Salsa bug’ as you true Salsa dancers only know to well.

I found myself dancing anything from four times a week to six times a week learning different style such as Columbian, more Cuban, and Cuban Rueda. This was the time that I briefly stumbled on Mambocity at Bootsy Brogans. I then had a break from Salsa for two years. After my break in March 2003 my I tried going back to my local club to slowly ease myself back into salsa, but found that it had been moved from the area. I then started to attend Mambocity on Monday nights, so after I started attending the Thursday nights as well. The thing I use to find different from Mambocity to others is how friendly Robert and Jean were and how they both made me feel welcome. This transcended through the club members, which is what I think gives Mambocity that unique feel. After a year of being at Mambocity Jean and Robert asked me to join the team which I was glad to accept. Since then I have been a supporting team member and student at their small and major events which I have enjoyed fondly.

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