Norma Facey

Norma Facey


I was introduced to kizomba by Requita Alta in the late 90s, that’s when I fell in love with the sound and wanted to know more about the steps she was doing. She then became my mentor/teacher early 2000. She then introduced me to her dance partner Kwenda Lima. Between them they gave me the knowledge I craved and with their guidance I became one of their helpers, who I supported them when needed throughout lessons,.
after a year or more they said it was time for me to teach and spread the knowledge they passed on to me. It was very important to them to spread the word KIZOMBA and I hope I have.
I now teach KIZOMBA and around the UK, as well abroad.
Acknowledgment to Requita Alta and Kwenda Lima. Thank you both for your inspiration and support over the years.
Norma Facey
Norma Facey has been ever present at all our MamboCity weekend events, she is a major inspiration to a new generation of Kizomba dancers in the UK and abroad.
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