Franklin Diaz – USA


The Dominican Republic, an island of sweet rhythms and white sand beaches is also the birthplace of Franklin Diaz. From the early age of 4, Franklin’s future was decided….

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Adolfo Indacochea (USA/Italy)

Adolfo Indacochea is an explosive and energetic dancer who is known all around the world for his smooth and unique style. This unique style combines traditional mambo with elements of jazz/modern, flamenco, and ballroom dances. His sense of musicality and flow is evident through his choreography and improvisations…..

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Terry & Cecile

Terry & Cecile (France)

Terry Tauliaut

Terry was born in France, not far from Paris. When he was very young, his parents have moved to Guadeloupe, to Antilles Islands, the place her family came from. He took interest in dances when he was a boy, few could surpass him in the traditional Creole dance; he was very good at Hip Hop, and other styles of dances popular with young people..

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Charlie Garcia & Tania Cannarsa

Charlie Garcia (aka Mr Candela)

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Charlie began dancing at the Bronx Dance Theater where he trained in hip hop and basic levels of tap and jazz. Soon after,….

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Jose Diaz & Euphoria

Milan Italy is home to one of Salsa’s newest up and coming team, Euphoria Dance Company.  The Dance Company was formed by Jose “La Salsa” Diaz in 2012 to bring a revived new feel to Mambo On2 in Italy.  The company reflects the influence of New York Style On2 dancing with it’s creative interpretation and strong sense of musicality on  stage….

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Mistura Movement (Netherlands)

Mistura Movement is a kizomba dance concept based in the Netherlands and lead by Selwin &
Suleika, one of today’s Holland’s top kizomba couples.
Selwin started dancing with Salsa & Bachata. A few years he saw kizomba on the dancefloor and
immediately fell in love with it. Suleika dived into the dancing world when she was just 6 years old.

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African Jet

Tarek Benouara

Nationality: Morrocan

Performer/Teacher and Founder of the African Jet Dance Company

Tarek started to dance salsa when he moved to Italy and found he had a passion for the L.A style of salsa.  Which he then began to study profoundly.

After a couple of years he decided to form his own group African Jet.

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Karel Flores

Karel Flores

Karel Flores was born and raised in Mexico City Mexico into a family or artists. From very young karel was exposed to both acting and dancing, from forming part of every dance group in school to taking up on main roles in Mexican soap operas.

Throughout the years she took up on acting, jazz, Hawaiian dancing ad cheerleading but these were only extracurricular activities and she never imagined actually making a career….

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Marco Ferrigno & Karel Flores

Marco Farrigno
Born in Salerno September 7, 1986 he began his dancing at the age of 12, prior to dancing Salsa he was dancing Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Quick Step and Fox Trot), he discovered the salsa in 2000 and went on to learn various dance styles such as flamenco, modern jazz, New York On2, Afro y Rumba. today Marco is one of the most requested artists worldwide with his ballerina Haridian Benavente….

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Poetic Motion – Netherlands

Johnny & Gina (Poetic Motion) from the Netherlands, are known in the Salsa scene for their unique, detailed en artistic way of movement and creations. They move by energy, make dance their priority, connect people in mental en physical way, make people aware of their body of the one of their dance partner.

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Azael Salazar

Azael is an energetic and charismatic dancer, who can combine in a dance speed and high energy with romance and sensuality.

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Ovidijus & Viktorija – Lithuania

Ovidijus and Viktorija started as a partnership in 2012 years ago when they created their first Bachata romantica choreography. They both represent Their school in Lithuania called ‘Salsa Kaunas’…..

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Grupo Alafia (Italy)

Grupo Alafia is a funny and charismatic male team, directed and choreographed by Francesco Scalvenzi.

Since it was born in the Summer of 2008 The Group’s first goal has always been to create something extremely original and alternative for the salsa audience.

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Sergio Larrinaga (Cuba)

Sergio Antonio Larrinaga Morejon was born in 1967 in the City of Havana. His first experience in the artistic world begins in 1979, when he becomes part of dance group “Los Monturritos” from Joellanos,

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Valentin Behringer

Valentin Behringer | Germany

The photographer Valentin Behringer was born 1986 in Freiburg, Germany. Until 2008 he studied photo design at the Lazi Academy in Esslingen. Today Valentin is one of the few professional media artists, working in the salsa scene regularly. By almost every well-known salsa dancer, he is called the best in what he’s doing….

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Sol & Laura – LTP Dance Co.

From Nottingham, UK and Founders/Directors of LTP Dance Company Sol & Laura are international Bachata teachers, performers and MC.
With their dance background in Contemporary,

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Biskit & Paola Lopez

Biskit is a co-director of Ritmo Latino and one of the key figures in the UK Bachata scene.

His speciality is Sensual Bachata,

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Darryl Peterson (Photo-Video Media)

Darryl started dancing salsa in 2006 and fond he had a passion for the dance as well as bachata and kizomba. He started performing with Pexava in 2012 and currently is a member of Otradanz Academy.

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Olu Olu

Olu Olu has been taking pictures practically all his life and has been dancing for almost equally as long. Combining his passion for travel, dancing and photography he can be seen at many of the Dance Festivals around Europe capturing memories from the dancers point of view with his keen eye for detail and his unusual perspective of the world at large.

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Rohan Brown (UK)

Born for the stage

Rohan began building his skills as a presenter from his very early child hood in church with his mom as lead singer and presenting,..

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Gil & Shelley (UK)

“The UK’s Best Salsa Performers”
Salsa Consultants, “Matilda” The Musical
Three Gold Stars Sky One’s “Got To Dance”
“The Home of World Championship Salsa in London”

Together as Pexava Dance Company, which means “Lightning Fast” in Mayan from Gil’s native Mexico, husband and wife Gil and Shelley are an explosive combination on stage and inspire students of every level in their lessons….

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Miguel & Mayana

Corona Salsa Champion 2001, Scala Latina Salsa Champion 2003, UKA Salsa Champion 2006-2007, UK Professional Salsa Champion 2007
These are just some of his rewards and achievements since he started this amazing journey 12 years ago.

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Marchant & Davina (UK/SA)

MARCHANT BIRCH, Director of Alchemy Dance Company & Academy
Marchant was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He was trained in Ballroom from the age of 7 up to competitive professional level. He won numerous competitions in Ballroom and Street Dance, and was winner of the National Cape Jazz Championship 1999 in South Africa, competing against over 500 couples (Cape Jazz is a partner dance similar to salsa).

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Rico Suave (Guinea Bissau) & Adda

Rico & Adda Bio Rico was born in Guinea-Bissau but due to a war in his country moved to Portugal at the age of 22. Whilst growing up he was surrounded by music and dance, and this developed his passion from an early age. His first memories consist of his family dancing at parties and getting together…

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Hugo Boss (Mozambique)

Hugo Silva, born in Mozambique and raised in Portugal, music has always been his passion and he self thought at home with his first “toy” acquired in 1998. Hugo moved permanently to the UK in 2003 but because of other commitments he put the music aside for years until he bought his Dj set in 2006 and started playing at home where he would spend most of his spare time mixing and learning alone….

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DJ Flex (Guinea-Bissau)

DJ Flex Dalegend”

DJ Flex was born in Guinea-Bissau (West Africa) and developed a love of music from an early age, listening to artists such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder,….

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Danie Street (Dulce fuego)

Danie is a versatile dancer and teacher, having trained in a wide range of dance styles. She has spent the last 10 years teaching, choreographing and performing around the UK and internationally. Danie aims to inspire her students to develop their own style and express themselves through dance, using her technical knowledge to enable them to develop control over their movements

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Elaine Greenwood

A former champion Irish dancer and professional singer, Elaine has extensive teaching experience which allows her to explain movement in a relatable way that everyone can understand. Known for her style…..

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Julian Summers (UK)

Julian is one of our regular DJs at Bravo Bravo Fridays and and ULU Saturdays monthly events, he also plays at other MamboCity events. The relative newcomer has quickly gained an enthusiastic following and was voted top DJ for the South-East region in the 2010 UK Salsa Awards.

You can also catch him at other gigs around the country and abroad – during the past year he has played in Latvia, New Jersey, Ireland and Croatia.

DJ Tuli (UK/Venezuela)

Originally from Venezuela, DJ Tuli has been spinning Salsa, Cha-Cha and Bachata tunes in London and its surroundings since 2009; She is a resident DJ for one of the best salsa event organisers in the UK:Mambo City (Organisers of the 5 star London Salsa Congress….

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Mauricio Reyes (UK/Guatemala)

Mauricio Reyes is the founder of LatinMotion, the biggest Salsa outfit in the Midlands since it was established in the early 1990’s. Originally from Latin America but based in Birmingham (UK), Mauricio has been dancing & listening to Salsa all of his life, and began teaching Salsa dancing since the tender age of 17…..

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Julian The Duke (UK/Colombia)

DJ Julian, aka ‘the Duke’, has been working with us since the beginning of Mambo City back in 1999, Julian regularly plays on our monthly events, Weekenders as well as our 5 Star Congress

He is one of the UK’s most experienced and popular salsa DJs and never fails to fill the dancefloor. Originally from Colombia, he has an extensive knowledge of many styles of salsa music and is famed for his ability to adapt his set to the crowd.

Dennis Dale (UK)

Dj -Dennis , best known as The Chemist, is one of London’s finest up and coming Dj’s.
He was born in London, back in 2008 he fell in love with the latin music and Kizomba, He has an amazing smooth style of Djing building a reputation as a crowed pleaser. Playing the very best in Bachata, kizomba and salsa
Dennis, is currently playing at different locations in and around London, as well as Europe.

DJ Fadi

Fadi K (UK)

Fadi is a man of many talents, equally at home teaching salsa or DJ-ing reggaeton.  He discovered salsa in 2002 and since then has gone on to teach and DJ throughout the UK and abroad.  In a comparatively short time he has developed a proven track record in many areas and has established himself nationally and internationally.  He regularly works with some of the biggest names around the world, be they DJs, singers or dancers.
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