Giving Talent a Chance to Shine – Stargate Show Programme

The Stargate Programme gives couples and teams the opportunity to show their talent to a wide international audience and make the first step up on the way to the stars. The Shows take place on Saturday afternoon in the lunch break from 1pm – 2pm in the Newbury Room..

The couple / team who is judged to be the best, will perform their show on the main stage for Saturday night’s Showcase.


Stargate Application

If you are interested in performing at the Stargate Shows, then apply today with details about your team. The Performers Pass for the performers in the Stargate Shows is £89 per person and needs to be paid 7 days after the registration of your team. If you do not pay within the stated time, we will pass your spot to the next team – only teams who have paid, will have a confirmed spot. We take the teams in the order of the application and payment. Team taking part need to be available on Saturday 16th May 2020 at 1pm

Please note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program – you need to dance at least as a couple.

To Enter, Send email to with the information listed below:

Name of performing Team:

Name of Team leader:

How many members in the Team:


Style Of Dance:

Contact information



Phone Number:


When Purchasing your pass via eventbrite, please include the name of your team when listing your name. example:  John (Pexava) Smith

Eventbrite link>>